April 19, 2012

Zankou Chicken

I first heard about this place not too long after I started my blog last year. I had mentioned that I went to a middle eastern restaurant, and one of my coworkers said "Was it Zankou's?" I said no. She told me it was down the road a couple miles and that the food was good and I should do it for the blog. I said "yeah, I'll have to check that out". Now, if you know me, you know that what I just said translates to "I'll probably never get around to it. If I do, it will be months from now." Hey, that's just me, and I really am trying to work on that. I'm only human, people.

Fast forward to just a couple weeks ago. I pass by this same girl at work, who we will now call by her name, Hannah. She says "You still haven't been to Zankou's yet, huh? What's your problem???" I said " I don't know!!" I then suggested that I'd be willing to go if she joined me after work. She said "That's fine. After work it is."

And that, my friends, is the story of how I got to eat at Zankou Chicken. Wait, I never said I was telling a story. Uh..........Lets just move on now, shall we?

Before we get any further, let's meet Hannah. She works in the same kitchen I do and is an all around cool person. Plus, she's got a thing for my lips. I don't even have those big DSL's either. I don't mind her looking though. :)

They got "Chicken" in their name, so I wanted to try something with chicken in it. Hannah recommended the kabobs, so I went with that. She ordered the chicken plate, I ordered the mix of beef and chicken.

When you order the kabobs, they tell you it's gonna take around 10 minutes to get your food. Reason being is that they cook all the kabobs to order. If it's going down like that, I have NO problems waiting for my food.

Here is what Hannah's plate looked like.

Here is what my plate looked like.

Have you ever gotten together with friends or family at a restaurant, and your laughing and talking and almost forget that food is there? Well, that's what kinda happened here. We got to talking and catching up on current events, and the food was really secondary. Now, that's not to take anything away from the food. It was very good. The chicken was cooked perfectly, the beef was on point, and I am really jealous on how creamy they got their hummus. I think I make a pretty mean hummus, but they got me beat. They also have this garlic paste that goes great with anything.

Really, it was chillin' with a homie after work. Now, before you start getting any funny ideas, she's got a man and my name aint Sancho. So don't go there.

All in all, I'll be back there to try more stuff. Good food at reasonable prices. Check it out if you ever head to Anaheim. Here is the address:

2424 W. Ball Rd. Anaheim, CA

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did. See you next time!

J. Miller

P.S. The whole "Lips" thing is a running joke I have with her.

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